Brodrick Penn

SpecialityBVI Financial Services Commission

Brodrick Penn has a professional career spanning over 25 years in financial services and government affairs.  He is currently the Director of Enforcement at FSC, responsible for carrying out the Commission’s enforcement functions including managing, directing, and supervising enforcement investigations and cases.

He previously served as Director of Investment Business with the Financial Services Commission and was instrumental in the development of the regulatory regime for funds, and securities and investment business. 

He also served as Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Office managing, administering, and advising on a diverse portfolio of subject areas including many aspects of financial services.  Brodrick also led the Territory’s recovery planning after the 2017 hurricanes. 

Brodrick has a B.Sc. degree in Finance, and a Master of Laws (LLM) with concentrations in international tax planning, trust and estate planning and anti-money laundering and compliance.

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