Clarence Faulkner

SpecialityPMI Group, Inc.

Mr. Clarence M. Faulkner Jr, BComm, MBA (Hons), is the Founder and Managing Director of the PMI Group of Companies (collectively, “PMI”) that provides Consultancy, Management and Administrative services for social protection systems, private wealth management and other investment relates services. Our drive is to continue the evolution of redefining the way such systems are designed, managed, and administered by Governments, Plan Sponsors and Administrators.

The satisfaction of the communities and the people of the Caribbean Region is paramount. The customization of financial solutions, inclusive of pensions structures and investment portfolios must be based on the needs of the holders of such assets. Over the last 25 years we have been involved in numerous projects aimed at addressing the concerns of both formal and informal sectors of an economy whilst highlighting the key components of an individual’s replacement rate.

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